Onirikka Expands Bold and Colorful Collection

When she first created her jewelry line in 2013, Onirikka creative director Gloria Rank knew she loved symmetry, geometry, and the bold colors of her native El Salvador. Beyond that, she needed to experiment. Educated in jewelry design in both Italy and New York, she created half a dozen mini collections to, as she puts it, “find her voice.”

Thanks to the results of a trunk show at Neiman Marcus in Chicago a few months ago, she is now expanding those collections that have struck a chord with her customers. Namely, customers are responding to bold novelty pieces like the black-and-white-enamel-frog ring that represents balance, pieces that are bursting with color (like the Prism collection that utilizes amethysts, sapphires, and turquoise), and pieces with movement, such as the Liston collection comprised of 18k gold spiral earrings, cuffs, and rings.

“The spiral pieces are inspired by dance and flow,” she says, noting the pieces twist and twirl on the wearer. “I wanted movement included in the pieces.”

Customers are also responding to bold cuffs with semi-precious stones, precious stones, and the light and airy, tiny, 18k gold bands encrusted with diamonds that can be stacked and layered.

“I like to make things that are a bit edgy but classic and chic,” says Rank, who splits her time between El Salvador and New York.

Two more trunk shows are slated for Neiman Marcus in Chicago in September and December.


Prism 18k earrings with colored sapphires and diamonds, price upon request

Aura Pendant in 18k gold, moonstone center stone, and pink sapphires, price upon request

Pixie Dust 18k gold studs with diamonds, price upon request

Koketa Earrings in 18k gold, turquoise, amethyst, and diamonds, price upon request 


(Top: Pixie Dust 18k gold bangle with diamonds, price upon request)

Kristin Young is writing the All That Glitters blog while Amy Elliott is on maternity leave.

Kristin Young

JCK Magazine Contributor

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