Stuller Announces Dates for 2017 Bridge Event

Jewelry and equipment manufacturer Stuller has announced 2017 dates for its Bridge conferences for retailers.

The eighth season of Bridge conferences will take place June 25 to 27; July 16 to 18; August 20 to 22; September 10 to 12; and October 15 to 17. The events will be held at Stuller’s spacious Lafayette, La., headquarters, as in past years.

The conferences offer classes geared specifically to Stuller’s retail partners on subjects including industry trends, business planning essentials, inventory management, customer experience, customization technology, and branding and marketing.

I personally attended the conference a few years ago and was impressed by how well organized and fun the event was. Additionally, the conference did a great job of tackling the challenges retailers were facing at the time—many of which have only intensified since.

“We created the Bridge conference to help our customers grow as jewelers, as store owners, and colleagues,” said Taylor Burgess, executive director of customer experience for Stuller in a prepared statement.

Ken Alecia of Jess Jewelers in Brandenton, Fla., said in the same statement, “You can go to shows, you can go to different seminars, but this is something completely different. You are here with the people who are trying to help your business succeed—so they’re really interested in helping you, not just selling you.”

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