Throw Some Marimekko Into Your Holiday Mix

Whatever your associations with Marimekko—bold, splashy prints, swingy tunics, a set of sheets from the 1970s in the back of your linen closet—it probably isn’t jewelry. But the iconic Finnish heritage brand has included jewelry among its offerings for decades.

Its Fall 2017 runway show, held at the Finnish Embassy in Paris, coincided with the 100-year anniversary of Finland’s independence. The collection is both an homage to the country’s artistic culture and design traditions, as well as to Marimekko’s signatures since its inception in the 1950s: stripes, zigzags, the famous Unikko floral print reimagined in electric pink, and other whimsical prints.

The jewelry, on the other hand, embraces simpler forms and a more austere palette. But that just makes it all the more wearable with this season’s comparatively joyful Marimekko styles and as fashion jewelry that stands on its own.

If you specialize in our industry’s gemtastics you will likely find these stainless steel–plated brass and leather creations hopelessly humble. But if your store is more indie and eclectic, and your clients know and appreciate fashion, then these Marimekko baubles present an opportunity to offer a designer line that’s well-priced, but also elevated—and aligned perfectly with the geometric and artistic trends we’re seeing in fine jewelry. I’m seeing shades of Alexander Calder, too.

And if that riviere necklace isn’t quite in your ballpark, these gems may be a smart addition to your holiday buy—who wouldn’t want to find one of these in the toe of her stocking?

Dada Earrings, $115

Zula Pendant, $165

Sade Earrings, $165

Kenya Necklace, $95

 Ife Earrings, $135


Umi Earrings, $75

Deka Earrings, $75

Oni rings, $75 each


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