June 2017

Our Day-by-Day Guide to JCK Las Vegas 2017

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Our Day-by-Day Guide to JCK Las Vegas 2017

Over seven steamy days in June, JCK Las Vegas and its sister show, LUXURY, command the jewelry industry spotlight. This year, showgoers must contend with a later-than-usual start (due to the Jewish Shavuot holiday) and a different date pattern. But fret not: To help ease the way, we’ve created a fSubscribe or log in to…

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Diamonds in the Buff

Is it hot in here, or is it just this jewelry? We’re turning up the heat with hundreds upon hundreds of carats of the coolest ice around. Photography by Gavin O’Neill     Jewelry direction by Randi Molofsky     Styling by Nadia Rath   Tennis Bracelets Diamond baguette cluster haloSubscribe or log in to…

The Cutting Truth: Follow a 65+ Carat Diamond From Rough to Polished

In October 2016, Dominion found something unexpected at Ekati, the diamond mine it owns in Canada’s Northwest Territories: a 65.93 ct. piece of bright, sparkling yellow rough. It was a big stone. It had a strong yellow color. It would no doubt make an impressive polished stone. The trick was tuSubscribe or log in to…

Time Zone: 24 Cool, Classic & Connected Watches

Classic Rose Gold Men’s Styles FAIR DEAL (Above) L.U.C XPS Twist QF Fairmined with slate gray galvanic dial in 40 mm Fairmined 18k rose gold case; $18,850; Chopard; 800-CHOPARD; chopard.com   BIRD MAN Métiers d’Art HM Falcon Unique Piece hand-wound, hand-painted miniature on whiSubscribe or log in to read the rest of this content.

Objects of Collection: A Retailer on Cultivating Lifelong Clients

What does it take for the woman who is an occasional jewelry buyer to become a collector? More specifically, what can a retailer do to transform that casual customer into a loyal patron—one who thinks of jewelry as an essential part of her wardrobe and is willing to spend her own money to get exacSubscribe…

Period Pieces: Relive Yesterday’s Jewelry Trends Today

Vintage jewelry is ­hotter than ever—at the ­collector and ­connoisseur level, it’s all about these eras: Victorian (1835–1900), Art Deco (1920s–30s), and the 1960s/1970s. Meanwhile, we’ve noticed a number of present-day designers reimagining the iconic metalwork, motifs, and palettes oSubscribe or log in to read the rest of this content.

How the Rising Stock Market Boosts Jewelry Sales

Things are looking up for wealthier Americans. Consumer sentiment is soaring on record-low unemployment, strong monthly job gains, and rising wages. Real estate prices are approaching prerecession levels, with U.S. residential home values adding half a trillion dollars in the final quarter of 201Subscribe or log in to read the rest of this content.

For the Record: Jewelry History’s Biggest, Most Expensive & Shocking Stats

Human beings will go to great lengths for jewelry. We mine high up along the Arctic Circle or more than 2 miles below the earth’s crust. Precious metals and gemstones are bought at auction, given as gifts to rulers of sovereign and corporate ­empires—sometimes even hidden away or stolen. TheSubscribe or log in to read…

Retail, Disrupted: Part 2

Our two-part series explores ever-changing consumer habits—and how jewelers must react in order to thrive in the next decade… and beyond “There is nothing that you carry in your store that I can’t buy online.” It’s the first thing Bob Phibbs, CEO of The Retail Doctor, a retail consulSubscribe or log in to read the…

How Jewelers Are Bringing Politics to the Office

Chicago retailer Brian Leber isn’t afraid to voice his opinions. On the Leber Jeweler website, Leber has celebrated the push to legalize same-sex marriage, expressed opposition to the recent U.S. travel ban on Muslim-majority countries, and called out U.S. presidents—both Donald Trump and BarSubscribe or log in to read the rest of this content.

Behind the June 2017 Cover Looks

Diamond Fever From rose cuts to heart shapes to ovals, from tennis bracelets to chain links to hoops—when you’ve got diamonds this gorgeous, do you really need anything else in your wardrobe? Red Carpet rose, white, and yellow 18k gold earrings with diamonds; $41,197; Le Vian; 877-2-LEVIANSubscribe or log in to read the rest of…

5 Things Rocking the Industry, June 2017

Shows A new date pattern isn’t the only thing different about this year’s JCK Las ­Vegas. The show, which opens June 5, a few days later than usual due to Shavuot, boasts several new neighborhoods, and the annual Rocks the Beach concert is now a Rocks the Bowl night. What remains the same is tSubscribe…

From the Editor, June 2017

What’s your fantasy Vegas? We put that question to a group of JCK Las Vegas veterans in this issue’s cover story, a day-by-day guide to the best things to see and do at the show, and, to our surprise, one JCK-related fantasy prevailed: not afternoons at the pool or complimentary mai tais, but eSubscribe or…

Staff Picks, June 2017: Bed of Rose Cuts

What JCK magazine’s Brittany Siminitz is loving this month “I love how rose-cut diamonds appear artfully unfinished, but still add loads of sparkle.” —Brittany Siminitz, JCK contributing editor   (Above) Ring in 18k white gold with 2.32 cts. t.w. diamonds; $10,534; Supreme JewelSubscribe or log in to read the rest of this content.

From the Publisher, June 2017

Welcome to JCK Las Vegas! It’s the most exciting week of the year on the jewelry industry calendar. The 2017 show promises to be no exception, with several especially noteworthy highlights. As a member of the Jewelers’ Security Alliance board, I’m particularly excited about the debut of thSubscribe or log in to read the rest…

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Why @katerina_perez Is Our Favorite Feed of the Month

When it comes to jewelry bloggers, there are few as worldly—and well-traveled—as Katerina Perez. Her self-titled blog boasts expert editorial, but her Instagram (@katerina_perez) is our real addiction, showing a flair for color and composition and a knack for discovering singular, stunning desigSubscribe or log in to read the rest of this content.

Hollywood Signs: Snapshots From 2017’s AGS Conclave

Members of the American Gem Society descended on Los Angeles April 5–8 for sun, surf, sand, and their annual Conclave (Above) Home to the Oscars ceremony, the Dolby Theatre hosted all of Conclave’s major events, including the AGS Suppliers’ Showcase. Shipley Award–winning retailer CaSubscribe or log in to read the rest of this content.

California Adventure: Inside the 2017 AGS Conclave

The American Gem Society cranked up the star power for its Conclave 2017 in Los Angeles, with appearances by Jay Leno, Sugar Ray Leonard (pictured), and a slew of experts aiming to help jewelers navigate the challenging new retail landscape. The annual event was held April 5–8 at the Loews HollSubscribe or log in to…

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3 Questions for…Cecilia Gardner

In April, Cecilia Gardner stepped down as president, CEO, and general counsel of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, the group she headed for 18 years. Here, she talks about whether the Trump administration will continue to regulate the industry, why she supports the Jewelry Industry Summit, and the rSubscribe or log in to read the rest…

Industry & People, June 2017

OPENING Detroit-based watch and accessories brand Shinola has opened its second New York City location, in Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood. The brand already has a flagship store in Manhattan’s Tribeca. COMPANIES Signet Jewelers has expanded its Barberton, Ohio, non-merchandise fulfillment centSubscribe or log in to read the rest of this content.

Jaymark Jewelers’ Sibling Success Story

Jaymark Jewelers’ co-owners Katie Szirmay and James Matero are building a strong custom business with a tech-savvy approach to service James Matero Katie Szirmay Jaymark Jewelers jaymarkjewelers.com Instagram: @jaymarkjewelers What happens when a pair of millennials take the reins of a fSubscribe or log in to read the rest of this content.

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Trade Show Social Media Tips

Q: What are your best tips for posting to social media from the show floor? A: “I only post new things to social media. New things are a call to action for our customers to come into the store and check out what we have. I also post a live video feed so people can…

Store We Adore: Metalmark Fine Jewelry

1600 Boulder St., Denver Around the block from Denver landmarks Little Man Ice Cream and Linger (the Olinger mortuary turned restaurant) is a new regional hot spot for local artisan jewelry. Metalmark prides itself on its community-friendly atmosphere. Each night, before or after grabbing a covetSubscribe or log in to read the rest of this…

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Bicolor Curious

Watermelon tourmalines make the perfect sweet summer treat (that’ll last you all year long)   1 / Watermelon tourmaline earrings in 22k yellow gold and oxidized sterling silver; $1,320; Margery Hirschey; 303-818-6357; margeryhirschey.com   2 / Watermelon tourmaline earrinSubscribe or log in to read the rest of this content.

Pink: Not Just for Millennials

Prime time’s most stylish stars prove it’s all about hue when it comes to pulling off the perennially popular (but oft-overplayed) pink   Tracee Ellis Ross If there’s one thing you can predict about Ross’ style, it’s that it’s totally unpredictable. One day she’s rocking monsteSubscribe or log in to read the rest of this…

Why We’re Totally Digging Erica Courtney (and Her Jewelry)

When she’s not designing spectacular jewels, you can probably find Erica Courtney plunging into the depths of a gemstone mine The first time Erica Courtney descended into the ground to visit a gem mine, she figured it would be no big deal. “I thought, I know how you mine: You go down in the lSubscribe…

JCK Asks…Hisano Shepherd

The biggest myth about pearls? That they’re round, white, and boring, says the little h artist. File this under “worst advice ever received”: “While working on my undergrad years ago, I attended a GIA career fair. I asked a very famous jewelry designer for advice,” recalls Hisano ShepherdSubscribe or log in to read the rest…

Behind Chopard’s Dazzling Diamond Garden of Kalahari Earrings

Actress Charlize Theron wore these remarkable diamond earrings by Chopard to the Oscars in February. But that’s the least interesting part of their story. The mismatched danglers feature a 26 ct. heart-shape diamond and a 25 ct. pear shape belonging to a suite of 23 gems cut from a single 342 ct. Subscribe or log…

The Vault: Gold, June 2017

CAN’T-MISS COLLECTION Heart of the Matter Patricia Gumuchian is no stranger to heartache. The head designer for New York City–based Gumuchian watched her daughter Katya endure two open-heart surgeries, 30 operations, 10 months in the pediatric intensive care unit, and seven cardiac arrests as a Subscribe or log in to read the rest of this…

The Vault: Colored Stones, June 2017

CAN’T-MISS COLLECTION Sweet Dreamcatcher Designers have long been inspired by the symbolism—both spiritual and visual—of dream catchers. Now, Audrius Krulis has put his own precious-metal spin on the Native American craft, with a floaty, feather-filled 28-piece-and-growing Dreamcatcher colSubscribe or log in to read the rest of this content.

The Vault: Diamonds, June 2017

CAN’T-MISS COLLECTION Picture This It doesn’t get much more meta than fine jewelry that incorporates realistic paintings of diamonds. But that’s exactly what Los Angeles–based jewelry designer Melissa Spencer has pulled off for a new collaboration with artist Angie Crabtree, whose paintingSubscribe or log in to read the rest of this content.

Early Edition: Inside the 2017 AGTA GemFair Las Vegas

The AGTA GemFair Las Vegas opens a day before the JCK show, giving buyers plenty of time to cherry-pick Nowhere is the phrase You snooze, you lose more fitting than at a gem show, where a wide selection of fine, one-of-a-kind stones rewards the earliest of birds. Keep that in mind at JCK Las VegaSubscribe…

Photo Finish: What’s the Best Smartphone Camera on the Market?

When brands first began embracing social media as a marketing tool, the bar for photography was almost nonexistent—just having a presence on the networks was enough to get people to follow your feed. Fast-forward a few years, and the bar for photographic quality is sky-high. Brands hitting it bSubscribe or log in to read the…

Tool Time: The Goods, June 2017

WHO, WHAT, WEARABLE Withings Steel HR Few developers make more ­elegantly designed smartwatches than French wearable firm Withings, which was ­acquired by Nokia last ­summer. The brand’s latest wearable, the Steel HR, ­marries the classic good looks of its signature Activité watch with basiSubscribe or log in to read the rest of this content.

Liz Taylor Sparkles in Her Beloved Bulgari

The star, who had a lifelong “love affair with jewelry,” dazzles in a rare candid Before celebrities flooded our Instagram feeds with selfies, before paparazzi was a household word, there was Elio Sorci, widely considered the world’s first ­paparazzo. The Italian lensman snapped this ­glamSubscribe or log in to read the rest of this content.

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June 2017: Digital Flip Book

Have a look at the entire June 2017 Issue here. Subscribe or log in to read the rest of this content.